About this Initiative

What is the purpose of the God Speaking: Rise Up! initiative?

  1. The time has come for us to rise up and offer hope! To proclaim good news!
  2. To listen together to what God has to say. And then proclaim it to others.

What is the date of the God Speaking initiative?

You will receive an email daily from May 26 through June 4, 2017. The email will include the Scripture references for that day and a link to the Scripture audio file.

Is there a charge for subscribing?

No. Participation in the God Speaking: Rise Up! initiative is free.

Is there any accommodation for the hearing-impaired?

Those who are hearing-impaired may access the daily Scripture reference page to read the selected passages for each day beginning May 26th at http://www.annegrahamlotz.org/events/god-speaking-rise/.

Will it be Anne who reads the Scripture each day?

Anne has partnered with Faith Comes By Hearing in order to offer the audio of God’s Word in over 1000 languages. Anne will have a short introduction prior to each day’s Scripture reading.

How to Share

To share via email

Forward the email to friends, family or church list

To share the webpage

Go to http://www.annegrahamlotz.org/events/god-speaking/, click on the God?Speaking banner, copy the URL address at the top of the page and paste it into a new email to your friends, family or church list.

Technical Questions

I will be unavailable May 26 – June 4, 2017. Can I receive the audio files or list of Scripture passages in advance of that date?

The audio scripture and reference list will not be available until May 26th. You will then be able to access them on our website at http://www.annegrahamlotz.org/events/god-speaking-rise/.

Can you mail me a copy of the list or audio CD?

This is an online initiative only, and the audio scripture segments will only be available via link. You are welcome to go to the website as noted above.

I am having problems subscribing. How can I be sure I am subscribed to receive the email each day?

After subscribing you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive that email please check the following:

  • Check your spam or junk-mail folder.
  • Gmail users: check your Promotions folder.